Upgraded performance

A Dependable Auto Repair Service

Are you looking for a professional auto repair shop that’s based in Manor, TX? Look no further because Smoke’s Diesel and Automotive Repair LLC is here to ensure that your car is always in top notch condition with our professional auto repair services. We have a dedicated and expert team of mechanics who are ready to diagnose your car and look for potential problems that might affect the performance of your vehicle. So why trust us to repair your vehicles?

upgraded performance

The cornerstone of our business is our professional auto repair service. However, aside from providing quality auto repairs, we also improve the performance of your vehicle. Over time, components and parts of your vehicle will start to deteriorate, which will affect its performance. After we have repaired all issues that your car has, you have the option to improve your engine’s performance. As a professional auto repair shop, we will check your vehicle’s engine for any problems, provide the necessary repair, and then upgrade it for better fuel efficiency and performance.

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