Things Your Auto Repair Service Provider Should Check before Your State Inspection
All the states of America require you to have your car regularly inspected in order to make sure that it’s not posing danger to you or others around you. The auto inspection process may also involve an emission check to make sure that the vehicle is not putting out too much pollution. Because the inspection is very detailed, many car owners get nervous before the inspection time comes. However, passing the annual auto inspection is not that hard. You just have to bring your car to a reliable auto repair service provider beforehand and have them do the following procedures.

Filter and oil change
Replacing the oil a couple of days before the inspection is proven to be a very smart move, especially if your vehicle is a bit older. The fresh oil is thicker, so it won’t leak trough worn out gaskets like the used oil can do. Also, new oil will help your engine run smoother and produce less smog.

Air filter replacement
The air filter plays a major role in the performance of your engine. By installing a new engine filter, your engine will “breath” easier, which will ensure cleaner ignitions in the pistons. This will lead to a more responsive engine as well as less emission.

Tire check
Make sure to get your tires checked for too much wear or cracks. If your tires are worn out, you need to replace them before you go to the inspection. It’s almost impossible to pass the state inspection with worn out tires.

Check all the lights
Ask the professionals to check whether your tail lights, high beams, headlights, stoplights and blinkers are working properly. The license plate lights should also be working right. Fortunately, any of those lights can be replaced easily by the owners of the vehicle, without the need of an auto repair service.

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