Auto repair shop mechanics perform maintenance and repairs on different vehicles, ranging from small cars, buses, truck, and even motorbikes. Most mechanics will specialize in specific repair jobs, like engine work, auto body repairs, or electrical systems. Because there is so much room for specialty jobs, there are several different mechanic jobs available today.

Most auto mechanics work in repair shops with other service mechanics. General mechanics will regularly perform preventative maintenance on vehicles, like topping up or replacing engine fluids, changing numerous filters, rotating tires, and diagnosing engines and software problems. When a vehicle is not working properly, they will first try troubleshooting to diagnose the problems and subsequent repairs.

Auto mechanic jobs require people to have extensive knowledge regarding certain parts of vehicles. For instance, transmission mechanics will focus on the different parts found in automatic and manual transmissions, like drive shafts, bearings, gears, and casings. Brake specialists will diagnose problems, replace, or top up brake fluids, and change brake pads, shoes, discs, and calipers. Mechanics can also specialize in working with complex electrical systems, which do sometimes differ between each vehicle. Other specialties can include front and rear end repair work, bodywork, and ignition systems.

Diesel mechanics, just as the title states, will only work on diesel engines. Diesel powered vehicles work differently from those that use gasoline, which means they often require different maintenance and repair methods. As with every auto mechanic job, diesel mechanics regularly work with transmissions, computer systems, brake repair software diagnostics etc. They often work for independent garages, or for companies that own many diesel vehicles that need regular maintenance and repairs.

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